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CapaBunga® invents tools that safely transport, serve, and store food and wine.
The original wine cap and namesake product was invented by wine industry veterans as an innovative closure for their Napa Valley wine. Once they realized it resealed wine and open bottles didn’t leak when stored on their side and could fit in the fridge door without rearranging the contents, they launched it to the gift industry with catchy slogans and graphics on brightly colored caps. The success was almost instantaneous.
They quickly learned that the industry is always looking for exciting new products to solve problems. Since then, they’ve developed and invented one very creative, unique item per year. In the beginning they remained in the wine accessory field with better champagne stoppers, wine glass identifiers and a unique ergonomic corkscrew before branching out to cheese and bread preservation tools. After the acquisition of tote+able they moved to create a Farmer’s Market Tote for the safe transport of delicate and fragile items like eggs and bottles that can also double as a picnic tote. The Market Tote is now their #2 product in two short years.
They continue to innovate and disrupt the gift industry with well-conceived products from years spent in the food and wine industry.

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