This page will be updated as information becomes available to Dugan-Bliss. has more information as well.

Q: Where do I register for the January show?
A: Register Here! (Make sure to register with your email for ease of entry!)

Q: What are the dates of the January 2021 show?
A: January 12- January 19 (Early bird for Dugan-Bliss is January 11th)

Q: How many days am I allowed to be at the show?
A: You are allowed to come every day of the show.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment for the Dugan-Bliss showroom?
A: No appointment is necessary! (The majority of showrooms are not requiring appointments for the January show)

Q: Do I need to wear a mask while in the building?
A: Yes. Masks are required to be properly worn by attendees throughout the building.

Q: Will there be temperature checks to enter the building?
A: Yes, each person wishing to enter the building is required to have their temperature checked.