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CapaBunga® produces a full range of products for wine lovers!

CapaBunga® was originally invented by wine industry veterans as an innovative closure for their Napa Valley wine Rua. They imagined a capsule that was reusable and made from the same material (silicone) used for bungs that seal oak barrels when wine is aged. Thus, the name CapaBunga® – a cap that looks like a bung.

When the first prototype arrived, they realized after using it a few times themselves that every wine drinker had to have at least one! And from there, the business was born; first selling custom branded caps to the wine industry, and then, in January 2012 launching a consumer line featuring catchy slogans and graphics on brightly colored CapaBungas. CapaBunga® was awarded a patent in 2013.

They quickly learned that the industry is always looking for exciting new products. In 2014, they launched CapaBubbles® which turns your sparkling wine bottle into a screw cap that will keep your bubbles fresh for up to one week. This was followed by GlassWhere™, wine glass identifier rings that are reusable. You can also write on them with a ballpoint pen and wipe off for reuse.

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